10 Rare (and Beautiful) Anthuriums

As always, before we delve into this list of 10 Rare Anthuriums, it’s important to note that it is not easy to narrow this list down. This is not an all-encompassing list but rather a starting point to get your Anthurium journey going. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here’s a list of 10 Rare Anthuriums!


Let’s start with the Anthurium Crystallinum. With large dark green heart-shaped leaves, it’s hard not to fall in love with this plant. The Crystallinum features strongly veined foliage, which makes it a great focal point in any collection. Like most of the Anthuriums on this list, it requires relatively high and steady humidity. We certainly recommend investing in a humidifier to help your Anthuriums thrive!


Say hello to heart-shaped leaves. Closely related to the Crystallinium, the Clarenervium has the lovely velvety leaves that are characteristic to so many specimens of this species. Like most Anthuriums, it enjoys a pretty humid environment and indirect light. Keep in mind that all Anthuriums produce inflorescences. So if you notice a large stem growing out of your plant, don’t panic! It’s totally normal, and you can actually just cut them off if you do not plan on propagating them or if you prefer the plant to focus on leaf growth.


If you’re looking for a plant that will really stand out from the rest of your collection, look no further than the Anthurium Veitchii. Known as the “King Anthurium,” the leaves can grow up to five feet tall! What is most characteristic about this plant is the corrugated texture on the leaves. This sort of ripple pattern gets more defined as the plant matures. Like most anthuriums, the Veitchii enjoys indirect light and partial shade. In fact, many Anthuriums thrive in partial shade.


Also known as the “Queen Anthurium,” the Anthurium Warocqueanum is a stunner of a plant. There is undoubtedly something about long velvety leaves that creates a sense of drama and mystique. Like the Veitchii, the leaves of the Warocqueanum can grow up to 4 feet long, and watching a new Waro leaf unfurl is truly something magical. This plant loves humidity, and getting it comfortable can be tricky at first. But once it gets settled in, the Warocqueanum will quickly become a favorite in your collection.


The Anthurium Magnificum is nothing short of magnificent. With dark green foliage and deep veining, the Magnificum will undoubtedly stand out. Like most Anthuriums, these guys thrive in partial shade and enjoy consistently moist soil. With all the plants on this list, it’s important not to let them dry out! Make sure to take the time to feel the soil before watering; in the summer, you may need to water every few days, while in the winter, it could be as sparse as every few weeks.


The Anthurium Regale is another Anthurium that features heart-shaped leaves and heavy veining. What makes this plant unique is its almost leathery texture. Although it can be quite a slow grower, the Regale produces stunningly large leaves. The beautiful velvety leaves that are so characteristic of many Anthuriums on this list are, in fact, toxic to pets. So keep these out of reach from your fur babies!

7Ace of Spades

The Anthurium “Ace of Spades” is a hybrid that everybody wants to add to their collections. It is one of the darker and more dramatic Anthuriums, featuring heart-shaped leaves and contrasting veining. The foliage of this plant is often compared to black velvet. The leaves begin blood red and slowly mature into a deep green.


The most fun Anthurium on our list is certainly the Wendlingeri. Featuring long pendant foliage, the Anthurium Wendlingeri is extremely rare and an excellent addition to an Anthurium collection. What’s so cool about this Anthurium is the inflorescence, which grows into a long spiral! Getting this plant to produce an inflorescence under your care is certainly an accomplishment.


The Anthurium Papillilaminum is one of the harder to find Anthuriums out there. Featuring dark velvety foliage, it’s easy to see why so many people want to add it to their collection. Depending on the reflective lighting, the foliage can appear shiny, velvety, green, or black, making it a very entertaining plant to grow. If you’re looking for a gorgeous dark and velvety Anthurium, this is it.


The Anthurium Luxurians stands out from the rest of the Anthuriums on this list with its quilted leaves. Featuring the heart-shaped foliage that we all love, the Luxurians features a dark bronze shimmer and a thick texture. The leaves have a uniquely shiny finish, almost as if they have been lacquered! A real prize amongst any collection. 

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