10 Rare (and Beautiful) Hoyas

It’s time to talk about Hoyas! Hoyas are adored for their unique flowers, giving them the nick names “wax plant” and “porcelain flower.” Getting one to flower in a home setting though can be a bit of a challenge. Please keep in mind that this list of 10 Rare Hoya is not all encompassing, but rather a starting point. If you are a “Hoya Head,” reach out to us and let us know your favorite Hoya!


The Hoya Publicalyx is a great place to start because it is so easy going. Hoyas are succulent vines, so make sure they are in well-draining soil and not overwatered. The Pubicalyx comes in many varieties, each with different colored flowers and foliage. Some of the popular ones include the Pink Silver, Black Dragon, Red Buttons, and Royal Hawaiian Purple.

2Crimson Queen

With its beautiful variegated leaves, the Hoya Crimson Queen is a great way to add color to your collection. The variegation ranges from white, cream, and pink. Like most Hoyas, it produces vining growth that is perfect for a hanging basket or trellis.

3Carnosa Compacta

Now, this is a fascinating plant! If you want to add something to your collection that looks different from everything you have, this is it. The Hoya Carnosa Compacta has curly leaves and vines, giving it its nickname the “Hindu Rope.” The Hoya Carnosa Compacta also comes in a variegated version, with beautiful white and pink variegation throughout its foliage.


If you are a fan of heart-shaped leaves, this is the Hoya for you. The Hoya Kerri is also known as the “Sweetheart Hoya,” and you can probably see why. With its uniquely-shaped foliage, the Hoya Kerri is a pleasure to grow. It also comes in a beautiful variegated version featuring splashes of cream and yellow.


Featuring leaves that look almost velvety, the Hoya Hypolasia features uniquely shaped foliage for a Hoya. It’s certainly something to add to your Hoya collection if you are interested in diversifying your leaf texture.


This type of Hoya comes in a lot of varieties including splash, variegated and more. With its adorable blooms and paddle shaped leaves, it’s not hard to see why this plant is so popular. Like most Hoyas, the Obovata enjoys bright light.


This is a Hoya admired specifically for its blooms, which almost look like little fuzzy bees or insects!


Probably the Hoya with the most interesting name, the Hoya Megalaster is a huge Hoya that is certainly unlike any other. The leaves feature a ripple like texture, and the blooms are absolutely massive. If you’re looking for something big to add to your collection, this is it.


Known as the “Fish Tail Hoya,” the Hoya Polyneura features unique foliage shapes and patterns. The leaves have a deep veining color and the blooms are cream and red. There is also a silver version that is not easy to find.

10Wilbur Graves

Often mistaken for a Pubicalyx, the Wilbur Graves features beautifully splashed silver foliage. The waiting list for this plant can be quite extensive, but it would certainly make a beautiful focal point in any Hoya collection. Featuring a rounder leaf shape, the Wilbur Graves is highly variegated with a silver and pink sheen.

Some of our favorites