Best Plants for your Hanging Planters

Best Plants Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are one of life’s simple, magnificent pleasures. Want to feel like a Babylonian queen? Hang some plants. Want to feel like you’re wading through the jungles of Jumanji? Hang some plants. Want your cat to stop nibbling all the gorgeous ends of your leaves, but you’ve already exhausted your counter space (with other plants)? You get the idea.

But just as there are many ways to skin said the cat, there are many marvelous plants that you can hang in your home, from trailing vines to bushy ferns. Taking care of your hanging plants isn’t as challenging as you might expect, but as with any plant, make sure that you pick out a planter with drainage holes, and provide your plant with the right light for its particular needs.

Here’s a list of twenty plants that make great hanging plants functionally and aesthetically.

Prayer Plant

1. Prayer Plant

These beautiful leaves curl up in the dark, giving Maranta Leucineura its more common name. This underrated plant always over-delivers, so long as you keep the soil moist and light medium.


2. Peperomia

This vibrant plant comes in many different varieties. (Personally, I like the Peperomia Metalica Columbiana.) They prefer to dry out completely between waterings, and rooms with medium to bright light.


3. Tradescantia

With their fast-growing vines and beautifully diverse variegation, Tradescantia has a stunning cascade effect when allowed to hang freely. This plant prefers moist soil and bright, indirect light, which will keep the leaves vibrant and bring out the bold stripes.


4. Hoya

These hardy plants come in a stunning variety, and can climb, trail, or hang. With long, springy vines and firm, waxy leaves, Hoyas can live in the same pot for years, so long as the soil is well-draining and they aren’t overwatered.

Christmas Cactus

5. Christmas Cactus

Often lumped together with its other festive cousins the Easter and Thanksgiving Cactus, Christmas Cactus isn’t technically a cactus and therefore needs a more regular watering routine than you might guess. But this gorgeous winter-flowering plant is otherwise easy to care for, and is a great way to introduce some color to your plant life.

Orchid cactus (epiphyllum)

6. Orchid cactus (epiphyllum)

While this plant has some unique needs, epiphyllum plants are packed with character and positively gorgeous, with huge, bright flowers and a surprisingly long lifespan. When hung, they can create a waterfall of broad, flat greenery, and striking blossoms.


7. Selaginella

There are a few varieties of Selanginella, some of which look like cedar boughs, and some of which look like Hobbit hair. The species has been around since before the dinosaurs, and bring a prehistoric flair to any space. The plants prefer indirect light, constant moisture, and regular viewings of Jurassic Park.

Strawberry Begonia

8. Saxifraga

Sometimes known as ‘Strawberry Begonia,’ or more alarmingly as ‘Mother of Thousands’ (like, what?), this plant dangles colorful vines below while sending up tall stalks and bell-like flowers above. One part alien mothership, one part chandelier, it’s definitely got our creative juices flowing.

Crassula Sarmentosa

9. Crassula Sarmentosa

This striking, ornamental succulent variety needs strong light and sparse water to produce a beautiful crown of gold and green foliage.

Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy)

10. Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy)

Incredibly tolerant of indoor growing conditions, Grape Ivy is the perfect candidate for hanging. While they can be picky about extreme temperatures (who isn’t?), they’re otherwise easy to tend, requiring low light and infrequent watering.

Swedish Ivy

11. Swedish Ivy

A common hanging plant the world over, Swedish ivy is incredibly easy to grow, preferring weekly waterings and bright, indirect light.


12. Columneas

The bright flowers of the Columnea family can resemble swimming goldfish, hence its common name, ‘goldfish plant.’ For best growth, keep in a humid, well-lit room.

Lipstick Plan

13. Lipstick Plant

Another blooming plant, lipstick plants have tough, shiny leaves, and produce beautiful clusters of tubular flowers.

Spider plant

14. Spider plant

One of the most interesting plants to hang, spider plants are easy to tend to and put on quite a show, producing tiny baby plants at the ends of their vines that can be easily removed and propagated.


15. Pothos

A classic in every way, every variation of pothos makes a beautiful hanging plant that will be easy to care for and elevate an entire room.

Philodendron Heartleaf

16. Philodendron Heartleaf

Big, bold, boisterous, the broad, dark leaves of this philodendron are exquisite, as are its long, trailing vines, and simple care routine.

Burro’s Tail

17. Burro’s Tail

The stunning look of this plaited succulent is captivating, but it’s also an easy plant to care for, so long as your soil is well-draining and the light is bright and consistent.

String of Pearls

18. String of Pearls

Another succulent, the dainty round leaves of the string of pearls are as unique as they are enticing.

Sugar Vine

19. Sugar Vine (Parthenocissus)

This quick-growing vine has a light, springy appearance that’s both homey and ethereal. It’s an easy plant to care for, requiring moderate light and regular water.

Monstera Adansonii

20. Monstera Adansonii

Finally, one of the most illustrious hanging plants, this regal monstera has a tendency to wander and climb, but the split leaves and evocative vines make it an excellent candidate for the intermediate plant grower.

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