Houseplants for Wellness: Houseplants and Crystals

Crystals, along with other precious stones, metals, and minerals, have been used by humans for spiritual and healing purposes for thousands of years. The idea of using stones for healing may not be new, but using them in our homes and everyday lives can feel like a very new-age concept. 

There are many different types of crystals that are believed to have healing or energizing properties, and they’re used by a growing number of people from spiritual healers to those who want to alter the energy in their home. And for others, crystals are simply a part of their decor.

Why Add Crystals to Your Plants?

It has become a very popular trend to pair houseplants with crystals, whether they’re placed on top of the plant’s soil or set alongside potted plants on a shelf. It can be a visually stunning combination, and a fitting one since both plants and crystals are natural elements.

Crystals can be an intimidating topic for those who aren’t familiar with them. Here, we’re going to remove some of the mystery and break down a few uses for them, as well as ways they can seamlessly pair with your houseplant collection.

Crystal and Plant Pairings

There are endless ways to use crystals and pair them with your plants, and there really is no wrong way to do it. Here are three suggestions for types of crystals to use alongside your house plants for different intentions.

Encouraging Growth

If your main goal for using crystals is encouraging more growth for your plants, the best choice would be a large piece of clear quartz. It’s a very common crystal, and is often used by holistic healers. 

Clear quartz is seen as a crystal that has healing and energizing properties, and some people believe that it encourages growth in plants when placed in pots. Moonstone, a similar stone with a slightly cloudier look, is seen as having many of the same energizing properties, as well as fertility and calming. Moonstone is also associated with the moon and its cycles.

Practicing Mindfulness

Another use for crystals is to bring a mindful focus into your daily routine. Placing crystals with a unique pattern at the base of your plants gives you something to focus on during your watering routine, and can help remind you to take a deep breath and be in the moment.

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment, and can bring a sense of calm to your mind in this hectic modern world. If you have a regular watering routine, or a plant that you pass by many times during the day, try placing a crystal in that pot. It can be a great way to ground yourself, and a reminder to slow down for a moment.

Any crystals or stones can work for practicing mindfulness, but you may want to try using stones that have a pattern rather than solid colors. Taking a moment to stop and take in the details can help you slow down just a little longer. Stones like sodalite and moss or tree agates have lots of detail and color variation, and they also look more natural when placed on soil.

Crystals as a Design Element

Not everyone is a believer in crystals and their claimed powers. And that’s ok! Even skeptics can still use and enjoy crystals as a design element. If your style leans more toward natural or bohemian, crystals of any kind will fit in seamlessly. And even modern or minimalist designs can accommodate a sculptural piece of clear quartz.

Crystals can be placed inside your plant’s pot or set in clusters beside them for added visibility, and there are a wide variety of colorful stones to match any color scheme. Rose quartz (pink), citrine (yellow/orange), aventurine (green), sodalite (blue), and amethyst (purple) cover the full range of the rainbow, while clear quartz and black tourmaline blend with more monotone color palettes. 

Crystals can also be placed in plant pots to set off or highlight the colors of the foliage. For example, placing a pink piece of rose quartz with a plant that has pink-flecked leaves, like a Sparkling Sarah Aglaonema or Pink Princess Philodendron. 

No matter what your reason is for pairing crystals with your house plants, you’ll always end up with a naturally beautiful combination of elements. Any spiritual and healing benefits are just icing on the cake.

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