Planters to Create an Indoor Jungle

So you have your plants and now you are wondering where to put them. Buying plants is one task, but finding the perfect pot can be a whole other operation. Whether you are deciding between pots with or without drainage holes, terra cotta or ceramic, our guide to improve your search for the right pot will have you de-stressed and ready to shop.

The newest and fastest growing trend that has flooded our social media feeds are plant walls. Plant walls are being made in a variety of different ways by using vertical planters, wooden containers, or felt material ‘plant pockets’. When creating a plant wall, the idea is to blend the plants in such a way that makes them appear as though they are growing naturally. Products such as WallyGro are perfect if you are seeking to include the cascading and trailing look of the outdoors into your home.

The WallyGro Eco planters are designed by 100% recycled material and include a simple watering channel that decreases water waste. Adding greenery and protecting greenery all in one- that we can get behind!

If you are worried that even your window sill doesn’t have room for plants, hanging planters are your go-to. Many of the plants we purchase desire to grow downward and hanging them allows them to thrive in their aerial space. These planters can be made from macrame, rope, or steel (making them a great option for different designs). If your home has higher or smaller windows, utilizing these planters can aid in maintaining your plant life’s health. The height will allow your plant to receive more light and aeration.  

An easy way to increase the majestic jungle feel indoors is by adding an air plant to a hanging planter. Air plants are a unique and low maintenance species that will feel right at home draping from your ceilings.

Unlike our other plant friends, the air plant can lay uniquely on geometric shaped hangers with hardly any support. These planters are great for those who enjoy the modern look but still desire foliage.

These painted pots made of clay by Traci Ward can enhance the beauty of any greenery placed inside them. You can find terra cotta pots in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors- but all emit that natural and classic look that is produced when using elements of the earth.

With most pots you will need drainage holes, but these pots remove excess moisture from the soil so you can rest easy knowing your terra cotta pots are caring for your plant alongside you. The pots featured above are hand crafted and add an element of art to your plant collection. These pots are painted with sun silhouettes, cacti, and animals – all of which will enrich the natural essence to your home.

Using pots or containers made from natural materials is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your jungle. Woven baskets can be found at almost any home decor store or online. These baskets are typically made with neutral tones that blend with our greenery effortlessly.

Including Brass planters to your collection is a simple way to make your plants the star of the show. These shiny golden pots are an elegant addition to those seeking a classier jungle. When using brass as your pot, you will need to ensure it has a drainage hole as these pots can create root rot if not well drained.

Using plant stands is a great way to evoke levels or lushness in your home. The stands can highlight and style a particular plant simply by adding height. The best thing about this trend is that you can create your own stands at home. Have a footstool? Plant Stand. Unused corner table? Plant stand! This style can range from boho chic to modern depending on the material and shape you choose. For a more refined look, using stained wooden stands will create a sleeker pairing.

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