Styling Your Plants to Create a Jungle Vibe

As we bring in more and more plants into our homes, there is a certain feng shui that comes along when styling our plants. There are tricks to turning even the quaintest studios into an oasis by utilizing the hidden spaces in our homes. Whether you have a small collection of plants, or an over pouring of greenery-  designing your jungle sanctuary is all about how you arrange them.

Dedicating a specific spot in your home to your indoor garden will heighten the lush effect instantly. Plants group together in the wild, so why not bundle our green friends together indoors? Aim to assemble your plants in terms of light and environment requirements. For example, grouping humidity loving plants together will enhance their natural desired environment, and in turn make for a happier plant. Not to mention, this will make watering your plants much easier!

Bundling your trailing plants above a couch or cozy loveseat will emit that relaxed- not a care in the world a hammock feeling (minus the mosquitoes). You can pair your trailing plants next to a few taller statement pieces such as the Dracaena Fragrans and variegated Schefflera featured above. Mixing in different textured plants will add to the design of your designated area by contrasting shapes and colors.

Placing sharper textured plants such as the Snake Plant (Sansevieria) aside the gracious Monstera Deliciosa will emphasize the beauty and individuality of both plants. The same will work with color if you match a darker plant (Rubber tree)  next to a variegated option (Pothos) to display just how unique your collection is.

Layering your foliage will enhance the beauty of each plant and create depth to the variety of your collection. You can layer your plants by using the obvious plant stands- but don’t be afraid to get creative when designing your space by utilizing stools, benches, or stairs. When arranging your collection, use textured pots next to sleek ceramic or stone pots to add dimension to your indoor jungle.

Have an unused book shelf? Built in walls from an old apartment? This is a great  opportunity to turn that empty space into a personal air purifier. From hanging plants to low light lovers, your ledges- nooks- and sills will all benefit from a touch of green.


In many of our homes we find ourselves with sad and unused fireplaces that are just begging us for a purpose. This is another great opportunity to turn what was once a waste of space into a designated green corner. And let’s face it, what are mantles really for? The answer is… you guessed it, PLANTS.

Plants near the fireplace

Fireplaces tend to be the focal point of living rooms so this is a great way to shine a light on your greenery. Stack your plants in various sizes and textures around the ground with a trailing plant that hangs from above to emanate the natural features of the wild. If you have a working fireplace, opt for plants that don’t cascade downward to avoid any burnt leaves. 

Turn your bathroom into a getaway spa by including luscious humidity loving plants all around your tub or shower. Indulge in your self care routine with the inspiring and calming tones of your favorite foliage. Set them around your bathtub if you have space, or right beside it for a green and inviting entrance. If you don’t have as much room, hang a plant from your shower or window.

There are just some pieces in our homes we have to add interest and excitement. One of those that has quickly been on the rise is a plant shelf. They may not be called plant shelves, but they are becoming a hot spot for our green friends. This is a great way for those with smaller homes to increase their collection without crowding their spaces. These vertical displays are also great for integrating different species into your home. From the top, use that space to emphasize your trailing plants and then combine your favorite cactus or snake plant throughout.

Some of our favorites